“In 2008 in San Diego, a 7-year-old boy whose parents refused vaccines contracted measles while on a family trip to Switzerland. Before realizing how sick he was, the boy went to school and infected four other kids at school, after having already infected his two siblings. He then infected four other children who happened to be in the waiting room at his pediatrician’s office. Three of those children were too young to have received their MMR vaccines. One of those infants was hospitalized; another traveled on an airplane while infectious. This case is a sobering example of how one family’s decision not to vaccinate their children has serious consequences for other children. But it isn’t as sobering as the case in January in Minnesota in which an Hib meningitis outbreak severely sickened four children and killed one infant. Of those five children, one was too young to be vaccinated, one had an immune deficiency, and the other three had parents who refused the vaccine. The child who died was among those three children whose parents, out of fear or personal belief, opted out of the vaccine.”

My son has cancer. He can’t go into day care because of unvaccinated children. - Slate Magazine (via whenrobotsreproduce)


This gets me so mad I pretty much see red.

You do NOT get to tell me to inject my child with vaccines.  You do not get to tell me to do anything.  If you, or yours, are susceptible to certain things, that is your concern.  It is not mine.  Call me names over that if it makes you deal with the unfairness of life and how you got the “whateverconditionitis” card in this life, if you have to.  Doesn’t change that Vaccines are not “necessary”.  Good care and awareness can take care of most illnesses.  Vaccines just make people lazy and ignorant of what illnesses are out there and how they affect those around them.

I don’t have kids yet.  But I will refuse a lot of vaccines until their bodies are older than when they are standardly given in the U.S.   That’s my choice.  Being aware of that and caring for my child(ren) and family (adults included) and community is my responsibility.  That is how you build up immune protection, btw.  Not vaccines.

I do think it is kind of perfect that the one child to die was the infant of the family that chose not to vaccinate.  

Basically: illness is a fact of life.  Deal the fuck with it instead of pushing the blame off onto others.  Shit happens.  Sometimes “unfairly”.  

The moral of this story actually?  Be the fuck aware of illness, and take appropriate actions.  Don’t go flying.  Don’t go to work or school.  In fact, that doctor’s office should be standing up and screaming about the cesspool of germs that are waiting rooms and doing something about it.

God this topic pisses me the fuck off.

My wife is immune-suppressed.  If you don’t get vaccinated, or you don’t vaccinate your kids, stay out of Maryland because I don’t want you to kill her.    (Seriously, she once had to spend 10 months in a hospital.  That was in 2004 and she STILL isn’t fully recovered.  She probably won’t ever be the same.  This is no joking matter.)

Heck, forget Maryland.  Quit your job and stay home.  My wife shouldn’t have to be a shut-in because you decide health care is evil but still want to go out in public.

Your right to say no to healthcare ends when you put someone else at risk.

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